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Our Values

  • Create products that work amazingly well.
  • Work with a growth mindset. Learners are better leaders.
  • Be customer-centric, accessible, and responsive.
    Be solution-oriented.
  • Be an innovator and a creative problem solver.
    Promote a positive team spirit.
  • Collaborate to achieve great results.
  • Act with honesty and integrity.
  • Honor a balanced lifestyle.
  • Do your best regardless of when or where you work.
our Values

Our Culture



Retail tech (including big data) is where it’s at. This exciting, explosive field is relevant and meaningful due to retail disruption. We help companies compete smarter.



Work with a diverse mix of professionals with expertise in data science, design, content, development, data crawling and data matching, among others.

Growth Oriented

Growth Oriented

We know that helping our clients win means constantly developing ourselves. Our projects help you adapt to emerging trends, discover new talents and continuously grow.

Team Inode
2 available positions

Marketing & Design

Content Writer/Sr. Content Writer
Mumbai, India


In-House Entrepreneur
Mumbai, India