Competitive Benchmarking for
Pricing and Assortment.

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Benchmark & Regulate

Level up with real-time, 24X7 price and product monitoring. Protect your margins and brand equity.

Compare & Analyze

Spot market trends faster with competitive retail data for any e-commerce retailer, category, or brand. Go deeper.

Exact & Similar Matching

Wield advanced AI-led image analytics to compare ‘apples to apples’ with our patented Similarity Engine.

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home center

“We needed a clear insight into the market, and this is where Intelligence Node helped us. With efficient analytical tools, we were able to understand how competitive we’ve priced our products and how many products we needed to have in each category to be a market leader.”

Medric Payne
CEO, Home Centre


End-to-End Price Optimization.

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360° Price Intelligence

Back your dynamic pricing strategy with smart recommendations based on product lifecycle, visibility, seasonality, competitor’s stock movements and more.

Historical Pricing Data

Backtest product pricing strategies with price & promotional history of SKUs going back up to two years or longer.

Retail on Autopilot

Automate pricing and give shoppers the best value with our retail predictive analytics and pricing intelligence.

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Even with over 2,000 brick-and- mortar stores in Indonesia, it wasn’t easy to step into the ecommerce world. However, having Incompetitor® on hand meant that this transition was considerably smoothed over for us.

Amit Keswani
VP, Mitra Adiperkasa(MAP)


World’s largest retail dataset
served on intuitive custom APIs

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Unmatched Accuracy

Access the world’s largest AI-powered retail product index with the highest accuracy and refresh rate to get that edge over your competitors.

Powerful & Custom made

Cut through the noise and focus on distilled insights by our proprietary AI for retail. Get data that matters most to your business with our bespoke API feed.

Real-time Trends.

Live insights on the trending products can make a monumental difference to assortment and planning strategies.

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