Digital Shelf Analytics
that Helps You Win First Page Visibility

Most customers don’t go beyond the first page of search results, making high search and digital shelf ranking critical to converting shoppers into buyers. With Intelligence Node’s AI-driven Digital Shelf Analytics software, you can review, compare, and optimize your product listings to boost your search rankings and improve your conversions.

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Optimize Your Product

Optimize Your Product Descriptions & Imagery

Ranking on digital shelves depends largely on your product copy, attributes coverage, and imagery. An incomplete description, or a single image representing the product is detrimental to high digital shelf rankings. Furthermore, inaccurate or missing information discourages customers from buying your products.

With Intelligence Node’s Digital Shelf Optimization and Proprietary Computer Vision,
  • Analyze the top performing keywords and SKUs
  • Enrich your product attributes to reflect the right descriptions, high quality images, and SEO keywords
  • With Product Improvement Score, find and bridge the gaps in your product descriptions to improve your digital shelf and search performance
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Track & Benchmark Against Competitor Visibility Performance

You cannot convert shoppers into buyers if your products are not visible to them online. When browsing online, more than 80% of shoppers don’t go beyond the first page of search results. And, if your competitors are ranking on the first page while you struggle to make it to the top 10 rankings, chances are you are losing customers to your competitors.

With Intelligence Node’s Digital Shelf Software,
  • Benchmark your product performance against your competitors
  • Track competitor search rankings and review their digital shelf performance
  • Analyze and implement optimizations that are working for your competitors
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Advanced Digital Shelf Analytics
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Analyze Customer Reviews

Analyze Customer Reviews & Shopper Sentiment

Shoppers trust customer reviews and ratings. In fact, many shoppers depend on them while making a purchase decision. Moreover verified customer reviews are an important metric that weighs on your digital shelf ranking apart from being an effective metric to understand how your customers perceive you.

With Intelligence Node’s Digital Shelf Analytics,
  • Incorporate keywords from positive customer reviews into your descriptions
  • Monitor customer sentiment and feedback and apply it to your product features and descriptions
  • Identify trending keywords from customer reviews and a summary of consumer sentiment with ‘Customer Reviews & Ratings’ dashboard
Offer Competitive Prices

Offer Competitive Prices That Win You Visibility & Customers

Your organic search rankings depend on many factors, price being one. If you are priced competitively on marketplaces or eCommerce websites, it positively impacts your search rankings and improves your visibility. It helps you win more customers by offering them prices that convert. On marketplaces like Amazon, it is key to winning the buy box and hence getting in front of a potential buyer.

With Intelligence Node’s Pricing & eCommerce Analytics,
  • Track competitor prices multiple times a day
  • Price your products competitively with smart price recommendations and automated price optimization
Offer Competitive Prices

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