Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition with AI Price Monitoring

In today’s highly competitive eCommerce economy,
Monitor competitor prices in real-time and make data-driven pricing decisions
to win customers and improve profitability.

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Pricing Management

Monitor & Optimize Prices With 99% Accuracy

9 out of 10 shoppers compare prices before making a buying decision online. This makes it essential for brands and retailers to monitor competitor prices and optimize product prices accordingly.

With our AI-driven price monitoring tool, you can monitor prices with 99% accuracy, revisit historical pricing data for up to two years, and analyze pricing trends and competitor price movements to offer prices that convert shoppers into loyal customers.

Pricing Management

Adjust Prices Faster Than Your Competitors

Amazon reviews the prices of millions of its products every 2 minutes. And with our price monitoring software, you can too! Our machine learning algorithms can refresh competitor data every 10-seconds so you can monitor your competitor price movements in real-time and update your prices to take advantage of gaps left by your competitors.

Analyze Prices Across the eCommerce Ecosystem

Price Monitoring

Competitive Price Monitoring & Optimization Across 23 Countries for a Global Luxury Brand

A guide to smart
Pricing Management

Offer Competitive Prices While Protecting Your Margins

With our online price monitoring software, you won’t just be monitoring your competitor prices but will also be optimizing your prices based on calculated smart price recommendations. Our intuitive tool considers multiple parameters including demand, market trends, competitor prices, product availability, and price thresholds to recommend optimized prices that will keep your shoppers happy and your margins protected.

Pricing Management

Track & Compare Similar & Exact Products

See how your competitors are pricing similar and identical products with our best-in-class product matching capability. Closely monitor your competitors’ pricing strategies and product availability for matching products and curate competitive prices and assortments accordingly. With our patented crawling algorithms, monitor competitor products at a global level or a local level, down to the zipcode, to identify hidden opportunities, anywhere in the world.

Pricing Management

Plug & Play Price Monitoring API & Data Export

Access our competitor price monitoring capabilities in a plug and play API format for quick set up and easy scalability. Our customizable APIs require no integration and can deliver highly accurate competitor pricing data within days of going live. Our interactive dashboards make it easy to track, review, and report competitor prices and optimize product prices fast.

Pricing Management

See Intelligence Node in Action

We’d love to learn more about your business needs and discuss
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A Stack of Powerful Features
at Your Fingertips

99% Product
99% Product
Matching Accuracy
Data Refresh Rates
Data Refresh Rates
Historical pricing data
Historical pricing data
for up to two years
Plug & Play APIs
Plug & Play APIs
Accurately Match Exact
Accurately Match Exact
and Similar Products
Unlimited alerts and reports
Unlimited alerts and reports
notified by email
Nestle Rebecca C
“ Intelligence Node automatically finds URLs where our products are sold and pulls the price points into an easy-to-view dashboard. It also refreshes the data daily or weekly and provides very accurate pricing. With no integrations needed, we were able to see results right away. ”
Rebecca C.
Business Intelligence Manager, Clos 19
Nestle Anna B
“ With Intelligence Node we were able to accurately identify multiple price violations at the zip code level within days of going live. These features along with real-time email notifications have made MAP monitoring extremely easy for us to implement & get results fast. ”
Anna B.
Sales Analytics Manager at Nestle
Nestle Medric P
“ We needed a clear insight into the market, and this is where Intelligence Node helped us. With efficient analytical tools, we were able to understand how competitive we’ve priced our products. ”
Home Centre
Medric P.
CEO, Home Centre
MAP Amit K
“ Even with over 2,000 brick-and- mortar stores in Indonesia, it wasn’t easy to step into the ecommerce world. However, having Intelligence Node on hand meant that this transition was considerably smoothed over for us. ”
Amit K.
VP, Mitra Adiperkasa(MAP)
Wellness Haarshal T
“ We are accurately tracking 10,000+ competitor products on a daily basis using Intelligence Node. Its smart pricing rules and recommendations give us competitive prices while improving our margins. Within days of go-live, we saw results using its dashboards! ”
Haarshal T.
Head: Omnichannel and Hyperlocal Business
MagicVision Edmond H.
“ Our onboarding experience with Intelligence Node was easy, we were up and running in a day. The software does exactly what we expect it to do and is highly accurate. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and professional looking. It is much better than the other solutions we have used. ”
Edmond H.
Fig Daniel L.
Intelligence Node had us up and running with their API, Data Intelligence, in just days after we signed up. The customer support team is responsive and the pricing intelligence we are getting is helping us stay competitive and win new business - great stuff!
Daniel L.
CTO & Co-founder

Is your price monitoring solution equipped to
identify pricing gaps left by your competitors?

Does your price monitoring provide smart recommendations to
optimize prices profitably?

Can your price monitoring monitor prices
of thousands of SKUs at the zip code level?

Does your price monitoring solution compare
exact and similar products with 99% accuracy?

If your answer is no, it's time to switch to the most advanced Price Monitoring Platform.