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What Does the Back to School 2020 Retail Season Look Like?

Anyone who’s been in the retail business knows how important capitalizing on the shopping wave during the back to school, or BTS season is. Depending upon which expert you ask, this potential boom in sales is the second or the third biggest during a calendar year. However, things are not quite the same this year […]

Retail Budgeting: 3 Key Capabilities to Build During Economic Uncertainty

The current state of global retail is teetering on a cliff. Between the U.S. – China trade war, progressively stumbling sales figures, and the looming threat of recession, retailers everywhere are finding themselves in a dangerously precarious position. As such, it’s worth coming to terms with an increasingly apparent fact: technology-based data-driven pricing intelligence can […]

Retail Planning : Driving Revenues with Technology

The best thing about January is the opportunity to start again, a general optimism for doing better retail planning than last year . More so for retail, being one of the hardest hit industries last year. As retailers re-evaluate 2018’s retail planning decisions, the overarching theme for Budget ‘19 is ‘uncertainity’, given the current political […]

Early Bird Guide to Black Friday

Since 2017 has been a year of retail reinvention and consolidation, expect intense competition for consumer wallets this holiday season, which is coming up fast. There’s no time to waste: Now is the time to finalize your Black Friday 2018 strategy because this is the most important (and profitable) time of year for online businesses.